Andre-VegaAndre Vega, the Son of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, today remains in the center of a land scandal involving a parcel of prime real estate near the Haulover Creek, which was wrongfully sold to him and for which he received a hefty compensation. The land was acquired by the Ministry of Natural Resources back in 2013 and despite warnings that it was privately owned, the prime real estate of land was subdivided into two plots, one went to Andre and the other to U.D.P. insider Sharon Pitts. A fault which cost the Government roughly eight hundred thousand dollars which was tendered in smaller amounts to Vega and Pitts as compensation for the cheaply bought land. When the matter came to light, public outrage blew up forcing Vega to resign from cabinet and government to initiate proceeding to recover the almost one million dollars from Andre and Pitts.

After attempts made by former Attorney General Vanessa Retreage, Pitts was served with her court claim and has filed her defense. Andre Vega on the other hand could not be located and served with legal documents, according to Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte. But that was until yesterday.

Estevan Perrera, attorney for Andre Vega has confirmed that he has received service on behalf of his client in relation to the matter of 400 thousand dollars that the government is trying to recover. Perrera says they will acknowledge receipt of service today and should have filed their defense within the prescribed 28 days. The date for case management had not yet been announced.

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