Eric Chang and Patrick Tillett, you’ve heard their names a lot in tonight’s newscast in relation to today’s Senate Select Committee hearing, but as we had reported two weeks ago, the two had snubbed the Committee’s invitations to appear. Last week Committee Chairman Aldo Salazar confirmed that the Committee took steps to reinforce their request with a summons, but the question is, will it work? Today Salazar confirmed that the summons were delivered in person to both Chang and Tillett and so, they are expected to appear next week.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-01_at_6.59.04_PMAldo Salazar, Chairman, Senate Select Committee

“If you would recall I said on the last occasion that we had invited them based on the actual convention for the said inquiry was an invitation that was sent out, so we had invited them with anticipation that they would attend at a prior date but when they declined our invitation then we actually took the decision to issue a summons and so when that was issued it was not with the intention to appear today but next week.”


“Sir, so is there any indication that this summons will be successful that these persons will present themselves given as to how the hearings have been played and what the Audit Report says had major players according to the audit report and according to the persons who have come to testify?”

Aldo Salazar, Chairman, Senate Select Committee

“I have had no indications as to whether they will show up or not if there is a refusal to show up then the committee will have to take a decision as to what will be next but I don’t have any indication at this point whether they will show up or not next week. If we get a response it would perhaps be given us a reason why they wouldn’t show up but I can’t speculate, I haven’t heard anything and I haven’t been anticipating receiving a response from them.”

Chang, who is the former UDP Belize City Councillor and Tillett, who is the former Belize City Council financial controller have become household names in relation to the Auditor General’s special audit report; therefore their testimonies are highly anticipated.

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