Business Senator Mark Lizarraga might have been denied the Chairmanship of the Senate Select Committee but this has not stopped him from aggressively seeking answers from key witnesses from where he sits as a member of the Committee. In fact, Lizarraga has been more involved in the questioning than any other Senator in the Committee. Today we asked him to give us some of his thoughts of the revelations over the past twelve sessions.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-01_at_6.59.21_PMMark Lizarraga, Business Senator

“I think it’s going to be a long slow process but I think that we have been getting a lot of good insight into what has been happening in the department and I believe that as we continue we will begin to see that this culture was well known and that there was very few attempts really to stop what was happening, we don’t know why at this point but we intent to find out.”


“Has any of the testimony surprised you to the extent that you have been taken aback by what have been reported?”


Mark Lizarraga, Business Senator

“Well, what amazes me is that it seems that a lot of people knew what was happening and am talking about people from the very top to the very bottom and it seems that there has been, how should I say it, prolong resistant to actually correcting you know, and even when corrections were made they took  very long in the making but nobody seems to have been held responsible and that concerns me, that we’ve had this culture that we had so many irregularities including fraud and that nobody has been held accountable that continues to escape me.”

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