On Friday’s newscast we told you about the newly formed Charity group in the Carmelita Village under the name ‘The Carmelita Sporting Club: Willingness is our priority’ and their mission to provide a helping hand to the residents of their community.

Over the weekend the group held their first activity to provide assistance to the less fortunate by distributing a total of twenty care packages to different families and individuals.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-13_at_7.56.56_PMWilson Perez- President

“Delivering the help to the elder less and single moms and the needed people for instance the sick on behalf of the Carmelita Sporting Club willingness is our priority and are groceries and items that we collected within the community and we must thank all those people that contributed tremendously and we accomplished what we were looking for and we thanked them for trust and for trusting the committee as well. It is all donated by the business and individuals and parents and we have to thank them for that too.”

According to President of the group, Wilson Perez, each package included grocery items that were all donated by community members as well as students from the local school and the business community within Carmelita Village.


Wilson Perez- President

“Me and my committee decide and wrote down names and we end up to the conclusion that we ach to twenty names and we had twenty different families that will get that help tomorrow and thanks to the community once again and as we say we wanted to be known not for fame and not for credit and my believe is that I want the people to see that you are carrying it out programs and that you mean it and so the people who supported can see that we are carrying out the program so as to have more faith and trust on us and to be part of the betterment of the village.”

Any person or business interested in assisting the group or volunteering their time can contact president of the group at phone number 666-0493.

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