The Prime Minister’s 2017/2018 $1.18 billion National Budget presented on Monday is giving much to talk about. The plan for the Barrow administration is to raise close to $80 million dollars in revenue from increased taxes which will then be used to plug the budget’s flaring deficit. Today we took the opportunity to ask the Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard, for his input on the budget itself. He responded by saying that it is merely a sham as it puts additional burden on all Belizeans.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-16_at_7.55.39_PMKevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“This budget is a Bogus Budget, this budget will see increase in taxes to the hard working Belizean middle class, I mean our electricity will go up we will pay more we are already suffering when environmental tax is added on 1% the consumer will pay; fuel we’ve been suffering from fuel cost for quite some time now the Prime Minister come and say they are going to increase tax on fuel then you are killing your people because the productive sector will increase the cost and then that will pass on to us the people that have to guy the products, most of the products that we consume we import and so when  you do that you are causing more burden and more strain and pain on the people so this budget really has no benefits for the people and all they are trying to do is how you call it cover Benjamin trying to put wool over people’s eyes and show things here and there.”

Mayor Bernard added that while the budget includes a host of projects to be carried out by GOB under its Cap Three expenditure, the north is once again excluded. For Mayor Bernard this comes as no surprise.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“To be honest when you look at the Cap 3, the Capital Expenditure Budget where you will see, that is there that you would go and look at it what will we see in Orange Walk, nothing,  it just simply talk about poverty alleviation in the Belize Southside, they only talk about the Haulover Bridge, they only talk about the Macal Bridge, they only talk about the minor works that they will do on the Phillip Goldson and George Price Highway that is all where in the budget are we seeing our area representative for example the elected area representative, minister of this area fighting for more pave streets in this town, nothing, and I don’t expect anything more from him because at the end of the day he has been in government since 2015 and has not fulfilled not one promised he made on his pledge for the people of this town.”

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