Screen_Shot_2017-03-20_at_8.33.46_PMThe charred remains of a human skull was discovered here in Orange Walk over the weekend.

CTV3 News understands that on Saturday at around 12:25 in the afternoon, police were called out to the garbage dump site located on the Chan Pine Ridge road after the skull was spotted by an individual who was in the area. Upon arrival at the dumpsite police processed the area but were unable to locate the rest of the remains.

The partial skull was subsequently taken to the Northern Regional Hospital Morgue where it awaits a DNA test to confirm an identity.


Today when our reporter visited the Village of Chan Pine Ridge and the area where the remains was found she spoke to several individuals who told us as far as they are concerned there is no one from the community that has been reported missing. As for authorities, well the new media policy impedes them from giving us further information other than what is reported in the police sitrep. We will have more information on this case as it becomes available to us.

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