Screen_Shot_2017-03-27_at_6.41.56_PMXaibe resident Eduardo Sanker was killed instantly when the Suzuki motorcycle he travelled on slammed into an incoming Toyota 4Runner along mile 81 on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Saturday, March 25th in Ranchito Village in Corozal.

Sanker was travelling in the direction of San Joaquin Village, when he reportedly lost control of his motorbike, causing it to careen towards the incoming SUV. The impact was severe. The motorbike was smashed on impact and Sanker’s body lay motionless and lifeless on the road.

The SUV was driven by Orange Walk Town resident Magarito Matus. Matus remained on the scene after the incident, evidently shaken by it.

Following formality, Matus has been issued a Notice of Intended Prosecution by the Corozal Police Department. The investigation file has been sent to the office of Director of Public Prosecution for advice on whether any charges will be levied.

A post mortem conducted on the body today found that the cause of death was trauma shock due to impact. Sanker would have celebrated his birthday on Sunday, the day after the fatal collision.

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