noimageFollowing the reports of a bloody weekend which resulted in a total of eight murders in our jewel including the death of a police officer who was viciously attacked in front of the Racoon Police Station in Belize City, the People’s United Party issued a release articulating their grave concern and alarm on the crime situation in Belize.

The release indicates that the Opposition is displeased with the government’s decision to cut the Police’s budget by $2 million as it clearly shows GOB’s inattentiveness and negligence regarding the escalation of crime in our country due to the fact that last year, the country recorded the second highest murder rate in a period of five years. The release also added that while the budget was presented, there were no allocations to the prosecution arm of the police or state and a reduction in the Judiciary’s allocation was witnessed.

Though the PUP is not surprised by the Barrow administration’s ‘obvious cop-out’ as they referred to it, the Opposition underlined that the government is to be held fully accountable for a number of misfortunes and stated that, quote “It is this administration that has completely ignored the prolonged increases in number and violence of crimes, that refuses to allocate monies where they are so desperately needed, that continues to meddle in and taint the Police Department, damaging its effectiveness. It is this administration that refuses to finance a DNA Testing/Forensic Lab, that refuses to address the poverty and frustration which are very dominant factors in crime in the City, that can pay tens of millions to special attorneys for high-class litigation but cuts budget allocations to the Police and Judiciary, and it is this administration that has enjoyed cozy relationships with underground figures, which allow gangs to run our streets.” End of quote.

The release concluded by emphasizing that the PUP is prepared to engage in seeking a resolution to fight crime and is calling on the PM to consider and review a solution before our country is completely lost to violence.

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