Screen_Shot_2017-04-04_at_8.00.03_PMOver the weekend social media was in turmoil following the release of an amateur video taken in San Pedro which shows local authorities manhandling a handcuffed woman, pinning her down and then hitting her several times. The event transpired in the wee hours of Saturday April 1st and since then Belizeans have been taking to social media to condemn the actions taken by law enforcement officers. Today two of those officers, 27-year-old police officer Norman Coye and 22-year-old police officer Darnell Madrill were hauled to the San Pedro Magistrate Court where they were charged for two counts of wounding and one count of wounding respectively. Both men met bail today of $1,000 plus two sureties of five hundred dollars each. They are scheduled to return to court on May 21st. We understand that their interdiction letters have already been sent from the Belmopan Polcie High Command. With the men have been removed from active duty and will be on half pay until the case is competed.  If the men are found guilty they face up to seven years behind bars. During the incident on Saturday five persons resulted injured.

Today the People’s United Party thorough its women’s arm, the United Women’s Group, (UWG) joined Belizeans in condemning the behavior of the police officers through a press release calling on the Government to ensure not only that charges be brought against those responsible, but also that proper compensation be made to those who were affected as a result of this incident.

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