noimageA road traffic accident that occurred over the weekend here in the Orange Walk District has left one minor dead and four others injured. Sometime after midday on Saturday six year old Johan Thiesen, a resident of the Ship Yard Mennonite Community was traveling along the Ship Yard and Indian Creek Village Road in a horse and buggy accompanied by four of his siblings (all minors) when it came in collision with a Dodge Ram pick-up driven at the time by twenty seven year old Jose Felipe Cuellar of August Pine Ridge Village.

As a result of the impact, Johan sustained head and body injuries and later succumbed to his injuries while being transported to the Northern Regional Hospital. Four year old Heinrich Thiesen sustained a cut to the back of the head as well as abrasions to the left ankle, while ten year old Jacobo, seven year old Pedro and one year old Gerrado Thiesen all received minor injuries.

Cuellar, has been served with a notice of intended prosecution and police investigations continue.

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