Screen_Shot_2017-04-10_at_7.59.34_PMA domestic dispute involving an alleged abuse victim and an avenging father in Corozal landed a man in a critical state in the hospital on Friday night.

Thirty eight year old Gabriel Zelaya was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital over the weekend for chop wounds he sustained at the hands of his common-law wife’s father.

Neither of families were willing to speak to the media today, but according to the Police’s report, Zelaya was chopped by 59 year old Armando Cob.

The incident occurred at Cob’s residence, and followed an incident at Zelaya’s home where it is believed an altercation took place between him and his wife, allegedly leading to domestic abuse.

There are reports that the abuse was reported to the Police and that Cob warned Police officials that he would take matters into his own hands.

Zelaya, apparently feeling contrite for his actions, went to his in-law’s home seeking forgiveness but instead of sympathy, he met rage when Cob inflicted the machete wounds. He received cuts to the back of the neck and reports are that his right hand was nearly severed.

The Police’s report on the matter, oddly, pointed out that [quote] “the chopping is as a result of continuous physical abuse by Zelaya upon his wife”.

We noted that following the incident, Cob was detained for questioning but released on Saturday morning. No charges have been laid on Cob, and we understand that Zelaya has been released from the hospital. Zelaya’s common-law wife, we also understand, had to seek medical treatment for injuries she sustained in the assault. We don’t know yet if Zelaya will face criminal charges.

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