BTVAlso speaking against GOB’ honorarium to teachers who did not strike is the Belize Territorial Volunteers who shared their discontent via a press release issued earlier this evening.

The release states that despite the fact that the 2017 budget was underfunded due to a lack of financing, the PM along with the Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber have agreed to spend $1 million of taxpayers’ monies to reward teachers who did not go out to protest. The BTV indicated that, quote “Even though few teachers chose to stay in the classroom they were unable to teach as students did not show up so what is Minister Faber paying one million dollars for? Upon careful analysis of this blatant pilfering of money, one can only point to one reason for that: it is called UNION BUSTING.  Minister Faber is definitely rewarding those teachers who did not participate in the strike action and punishing those who did”. End of quote.

The BTV goes even further by calling on government to discontinue the squandering of tax payers monies and resign immediately. The BTV underlined that they are in full support of the BNTU regarding the union’s recommendation to improve the physical conditions of school facilities and to purchase much needed equipment for schools.

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