Screen_Shot_2017-04-18_at_7.49.26_PMThe crowd of visitors enjoying their holidays at the popular Easter relaxation spot, Corozal Bay, experienced a real scare on the afternoon of Holy Saturday when a little girl was seen drifting in the water completely motionless. Upon recognising that the child was in an emergency, rescuers dived into the sea waters to rescue her.

The child, 9 year old Samaria Azencio, was then assisted by two persons who carried out CPR on her.

After a few minutes, Samaria faintly responded. The Police were contacted and with their help the child was rushed to the Corozal hospital for treatment and later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where she lies in recovery in a critical but stable condition.

Had the two persons not been in the area to rescue the child from the sea and to apply CPR, tonight’s news report on 9 year old Samaria might have been about a totally different circumstance. But it is their bravery and selflessness that saved the child’s life and today we spoke to one of the local heroes. In this case, heroine Youth Officer Nekeisha Lima is no stranger to our news for her work with young people. She was one of the persons who responded to Saturday’s emergency and she told us her reaction was instinctive.

Nekeisha Lima - Saved child from drowning

“I was at the beach with my family and kids, socializing and I had my kids in the water and so I was speaking to my parents when someone said a little was drowning and when I turned around because I had my back towards the sea when I turned around I saw a man that had already had the little girl in his arms in the water coming to shore and then I saw the whole crowd just came by the beach side to see what was happening and I just ran towards the wharf because I was a little distance from the wharf that was there and when I got there the little girl was already out of the water and they had this man who was already doing CPR on her and then they had the crowd around her; I know CPR so I helped him and I go like I know CPR as well and he goes like I know CPR too and so the little girl was vomiting taking food from through her mouth and her nose so he was trying to like using his fingers to take out the food from inside her mouth so meantime I pumped on her and she is taking out the food and he is helping her taking out the food and he was the one blowing in her mouth  so that she could get oxygen and so I reacted the way I reacted because I had my kids there as well and they were in the water I mean if it was one of my kids and it is sad to see the child in that situation and stuff like that.”


“Do you think that your reaction was in instinct of where you going to this training and to basically not think but to react into saving a life?”

Nekeisha Lima - Saved child from drowning

“Yes, and my reaction and, my instinct also as a mother and the feeling of losing a child I don’t want to feel what it feels like to lose your child in a situation like that.”


“Now that you think about it are you happy you were there when it happened?”

Screen_Shot_2017-04-18_at_7.49.41_PMNekeisha Lima - Saved child from drowning

“Yes, I was happy that I was there, I was happy that I could have helped as much as I did, I’m happy to know that she is doing ok as well I don’t know her name I don’t know where she is from, I don’t know how old is her, I don’t know anything about the little girl I just did what I had to do at that point in time.”

Lima encouraged others to learn CPR and other basic rescue techniques.

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