Screen_Shot_2017-04-18_at_7.51.44_PMOver the weekend, ten Mexican teams and one team from Belize faced off to compete in the Mesoamerican ball game known as ‘Ulama’ which kicked off in the ancient Mayan City of Teotihuacan on the 14th and 15th of April. The game is considered as one of the oldest sports in the world which is played with the use of a rubber ball weighing approximately 4.4 pounds.

The objective of the sport is to maintain control of the ball so that it remains within the field, however, the use of hands and feet are strictly prohibited as players must use their hips instead. During the last leg of the competition, the Pok Ta Pok Mayan team from Yo Creek Village here in the Orange Walk District which represented Belize, faced off with the winners of the Mexican tournament. At the end of the game, Belize came out victorious taking home first place.

Ulama is of great significance and is considered a major part of Mesoamerican culture played by the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilizations in the past. The game we understand also seeks to preserve and embrace such tradition and culture.

We will bring you interviews from the winning athletes in tomorrow’s newscast.

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