noimageThis morning a young resident of Paraiso Village in the Corozal District was fined for the crime of possession of controlled drugs.

Police say that on Holy Friday they caught 19 year old Luis Sosa with marijuana. In Court, authorities said that during a patrol in Paraiso they stopped Sosa and carried out a search. On his waist, Police found a transparent plastic bag containing green leafy substance. He was read his rights and detained, and then taken to the Police Station where the substance was confirmed to be marijuana and weighed at 7.8 grams.

In Court, Sosa remained silent as the facts of the case were read. When he was asked how he pleaded he responded “guilty”. When Magistrate Patricia Arana asked if he had anything else to say, he responded [quote] “it was not my intention for the Police to catch me with the drugs” [end quote].

Magistrate Arana then fined Sosa $500 plus cost of court, which must be paid by June 30, or in default Sosa would face 5 months in prison.

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