Screen_Shot_2017-04-18_at_7.47.47_PMTwo Trial Farm bothers lost their lives on Good Friday following an incident where both men suffocated inside a well.

Police reports indicate that the men, namely forty one year old Isidro Coyoc and twenty six year old Jeovani Coyoc were found unconscious inside a well located in their family farm in the Goat Hill area of Tower Hill sometime before one o’clock on Friday afternoon.

Police say that the younger of the Coyoc brothers was inside the forty feet deep well cleaning it when he began to suffocate. Isidro, who was assisting in the cleaning, ran for help some distance away, and apparently ran into a worker for BSI/ASR, Marcelo Canul who told the media about his encounter with a frantic man searching for help.


Marcelo Canul-

“Vino una camioneta color marrón aquí y parqueo en frente pidiéndome ayuda casi como si  quiere llorar, desesperado y me dijo que si yo no tengo oxígeno para ayudar a la persona que esta callido allí adentro del pozo y yo le dije que aquí en la compañía no hay nada ningún soga nada y me dice no tiene el número del Factory gate le dije yo tengo Factory gate y saque mi teléfono y marque el número de Factory gate y se lo di a él y el mismo llamo y pidió ayuda no tardo y se fue para el puesto haya y después de los quince minutos llego la camioneta del security y vinieron y me preguntaron y les dije que está del otro lado y se fueron ellos haya y como a la media hora regresaron y me dijeron que ya no pudieron salvar a los dos muchachos yo no bidé nada el solo me pidió ayuda y nada más.”

Not being able to find the help he needed, Isidro apparently decided to go back into the area and into the well in an attempt to take out his younger brother, but ended up suffocating as well.

It is reported that Fire Department personal accompanied by security personnel from the Belize Sugar Industries tried to render aid, but by the time they arrived both men were found unconscious in about four feet of water holding on to ropes. They were promptly transported to the Northern Regional Hospital, where Dr. Marco DeVille pronounced them dead on arrival. Both men were laid to rest on Easter Sunday.

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