Screen_Shot_2017-04-19_at_7.39.33_PMA report in the Mexican press is indicating that prices in the Free Zone have been tumbling down as a result of a weakening U.S. dollar. The report cites specifically that the price of fuel has been matching those prices in Mexican municipalities, which is a rarity and evidence of a less competitive position for the free zone in Belize. The report cites that Premium gas in the tax-free export zone sells at 15.84 pesos per litre while in Chetumal it is only 65 cents more. Regular sells at 16.92 which puts it at one cent less than in Chetumal and Diesel is selling at 14.76 which is two pesos less at the Free Zone.

The report says that due to the falling U.S. dollar value, prices have been shaken up at the Zone and it is not only fuel that is being affected.

And for clarity and in comparison to prices in Belize, 15.84 pesos per litre of premium in the free zone is equivalent to Bze $7.40 per gallon. That’s the benefit of tax free while the rest of us in the taxed-out zone across the country pay $10.79 per gallon of premium following the new tax measures on April 1st. Regular fuel prices in the zone are about $7.90 per gallon while the rest of the country pays $9.79. Finally, Diesel prices in the zone are about $6.89 per gallon, while the rest of the country pays $9.11.

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