This morning Palacio responded to Faber’s comments, emphasising that if the Minister is willing to go down for the position taken, then so be it.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_8.13.07_PMLuke Palacio, BNTU outgoing President

“Is that our members and others in the public are saying to us you should not just leave this matter like this because this is an attempt at Union Busting and because it is we at BNTU will have to discuss, we will have to view our options including legal options and the minister went out yesterday even further to attack those bodies that supported our Press Release and our position that this is Union busting, he said it yesterday that he doesn’t care what the Chamber says, he doesn’t care what NGO says, he doesn’t care what NTUCB says and if that means he is going down with that brother then let it be, but I am saying when a majority of the Organizations that have been relatively silent but hey are also advocates, speak out and a minister will say to them I don’t care what you say, this is taxpayers money, we just went through the reading of the budget and the minister saying well that the budget has been passed and that there are allocations for salaries, there is a difference salaries are already budgeted and I think Don Hector said it best this morning these salaries have already been budgeted and initially when the minister spoke to the matter he said he and the Prime Minister agree to find the million dollars, he did not said that this has been budgeted and that this is for salaries and again if it were for salaries why are you calling it an honorarium give the people their salaries if that is what you want.”

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