Screen_Shot_2017-05-04_at_7.51.38_PMReports from our Mexican neighbors in Chetumal Quintana Roo Mexico tonight is that a nineteen year old Belizean student was murdered inside his apartment in Chetumal last night.

The victim identified as well-known musician of the Wonderless Rock Band, Saul Pech from the village of Yo Creek here in Orange Walk Town was reportedly fatally stabbed once to the right hand side of the chest by his cousin, identified as Romario Pech, who is also a Belizean.

Information provided to us by Pech’s family indicate that Romario was visiting Saul in Chetumal for the holidays. Last night the cousins decided to go out for a night of socializing and hours later the two reportedly made it back to the apartment but decided to go out once more to get a bite to eat. At that time they were joined by Saul’s roommate. As the trio made their way to purchase food, the roommate reported that the cousins made mention of an altercation between them earlier that same night but they had seemingly worked things out.

Upon returning home though, things took an unexpected turn for the worst as Romario, who is reported to have been heavily intoxicated, retrieved a knife from the kitchen and without saying a word inflicted the deadly wound on Saul who was just entering through the front door. Saul allegedly tried to run outside but collapsed a short distance away as he was bleeding profusely.

While an official report from Mexican authorities has not yet been released, reports from Mexican news indicated that, authorities were called out sometime around 2:30 this morning to the apartment situated on “calle Juan Jose Siordia con Andres Quintana Roo”, where it was reported that a person had been injured. Upon arrival at the scene authorities found Pech bleeding profusely from an apparent wound to the chest. According to reports the teen had bled out before the ambulance arrived, he was then transported to the General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The accused was taken into custody of Mexican authorities and later handed over to the Attorney General’s Office for investigation.

As they prepare to lay their loved one to rest, Pech’s family today have more questions than answers as the two cousins are known to everyone to be very close…..more like brothers, and even played for the same rock band. Of particular note is that Saul posted a picture on his Facebook account the same night of the tragic incident with the caption “Dame solo un beso, que me alcansa asta morir”.

CTV3 news understands that Saul Pech was attending ‘El Instituto Technologico de Quintana Roo’ in Chetumal for the past two years and was pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. Today when we contacted Legal Affairs and Press Consul of the Mexican Embassy in Belize, Hugo Suarez, he informed us that they have not yet received an official statement from Mexican authorities regarding the case, but they are expressing grave concern on the matter.

A wake is scheduled to take place tonight in the village of Yo Creek at the Pech residence followed by funeral services tomorrow at 4:00pm.

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