Screen_Shot_2017-05-04_at_7.55.50_PMTonight, the many questions in relation to the murders of Canadian national, 53 year old Francesca Matus, and U.S. National, 36 year old Drew Devoursney, whose bodies were discovered dead on Monday afternoon in cane fields between Chan Chen and Patchakan villages in the Corozal District, continue unanswered.

We have confirmed with sources that only one person remains detained by Police in relation to the investigation. That person has been identified as Matus’ tenant, identified to us as Canadian national John Deshaies.

Deshaies was detained for questioning on Tuesday, but during the investigation, Corozal Police learnt of a case of burglary all the way in Placencia Village in which he turned up being a suspect. Today, authorities attempted to arraign him on relevant charges at the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court, but we are told that Deshaies provided some information that required him to be returned to Corozal Town.

Deshaies resided in the lower flat of Matus’ two storey building. She lived in the upper flat in the large seaside property in an area known as Serenity Sands along the Consejo Road.

Friends of Matus told us today that they are stunned at the way the investigation has unfolded because as far as they know, Matus had a great relationship with her tenant.

Today, those friends gathered at Scotty’s Crocodile Cove to remember their friends Francesca and Drew. The bar and restaurant, a favorite for expats in Corozal District, was the last place where the couple was seen by friends on Tuesday April 25th.

Up to yesterday, the site where the bodies had been discovered was still guarded by Police officials, we understand at the request of the family. Today, the area shows little signs of cold-blooded murder. A door where the autopsies on the decomposing bodies was conducted, and caution tape, marking the area for the Police, were left behind by forensic officials.

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