On Friday May 5th, 54 year old Canadian National John Deshaies, who was the tenant and neighbour of murdered Canadian national 53 year old Francesca Matus, was charged at the Independence Magistrate’s Court in relation to a burglary case in Placencia.

Deshaies was charged for theft and handling stolen goods, for reportedly illegally removing over $57,000 worth of items from a Placencia Casino. Deshaies was denied bail and remanded to prison until his next court date on November 6th.


Screen_Shot_2017-05-08_at_8.02.01_PMEstevan Perrera – Attorney at Law

“What we do know at this point in time was that Mr. Deshaies had only been assisting his employers who were the then managers of the Casino in respect to the items and then eventually there was some kind of dispute between the parties and this charged was raised against him.”


“Is it, presumable you still have to be with your client, can we presume that he intends to seek bail in relation to this charge?”

Estevan Perrera – Attorney at Law

“Yes we will be seeking bail for Mr. John Deshaies shortly.”

But today Deshaies was back at the Corozal Police Station, as shown by this picture taken by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This is because the Canadian national is also a person of interest in the double murder investigation of Matus and her boyfriend, 36 year Drew DeVoursney.

Deshaies has been under custody and investigation of the Corozal Police since Tuesday May 2nd, the day after the bodies were found. He is a person of interest because he rented the 1st floor of Matus’ two-storey residence in the Serenity Sands area of Consejo Road.

On Friday, while Deshaies went to court, his Dodge Ram pickup was being meticulously inspected and swabbed along with Matus’ 1998 Isuzu Rodeo which are both parked outside the Corozal Police Station, by a group of forensic experts from outside Belize.

We understand from sources, that the Police are also investigating other matters involving Deshaies such as possible confrontations he could have had with other neighbors.

In relation to the double murders, Police have very little to continue holding Deshaies so far, and today his attorney for the theft investigation Estevan Perrera told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that his client has nothing to do with the murders, which is exactly what Deshaies told the media on Friday.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-08_at_7.59.22_PMExactly a week ago, Matus and DeVoursney’s lifeless bodies were found here in a privately-owned cane field along the Chan Chen to Patchakan Road. Their hands were bound with duct tape and their bodies were already in an advanced state of decomposition. A post mortem conducted on site found that they were strangled to death, but due to the bodies’ state of decomposition a time of death could not be ascertained.

The couple, who had been dating for six months, lived in separate homes. They were together on the last night they were seen by friends at Scotty’s Crocodile Cove Bar.

Corozal Police have revealed that one factor in their investigation is that Matus had received a threat, although they could not indicate if it was a serious threat to her life or safety.

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