sustainable-shrimp-farming-2The Government of Belize has been boasting of a rebound in the shrimp industry which according to reports from the Statistical Institute for January and February 2017 has seen an almost two million dollar increase as compared to last year when the industry suffered devastating loss at the wake of problems in production. Reports even showed an expected forty million in export earnings would be generated by the Shrimp industry this year.  However, recent reports are that the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, A.S.C., has suspended certification for four Belizean shrimp farms as of a month ago, on April fourth. The farms have been identified as Paradise Shrimp Farm, Tex Mar Farm, Bel-Euro Aquaculture and Tropical Aquaculture Investment Farm. IntraFish website says the companies’ certification was suspended after they were unable to undergo their planned surveillance audits due to the fallout from an outbreak of Early Mortality Syndrome in 2015. As of a few months ago these and four other companies were certified by A.S.C. to do business, but they will now have to restart their certification process.

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