noimagesMeanwhile, two young Corozalenos found themselves in some serious trouble in front of the Magistrate Arana after they were detained for traffic offences.

21 year old Mike Depaz and a 16 year old who we cannot name were charged for driving a motorcycle that was neither insured nor licensed. What’s worst is that Depaz who was the driver did not even have a driver’s license, when they were searched, Police found 12.4 grams of cannabis on the minor.

In Court Depaz and the 16 year old appeared apologetic, and in fact Depaz expressed sorrow for the traffic offences, claiming that it was the first time he had taken the motorcycle for a ride out.

He claimed that when the Police arrived in the area in Altamira, he saw the 16 year old run to him and jump on the motorcycle.

He denied having anything to do with the 16 year old. Still, they were charged jointly.

Depaz pleaded guilty for the traffic offences but not guilty for the drug possession charge.

For three traffic offences, the Magistrate fined him a total of $800.00, while for the drug charge he was offered bail at $1,000 plus a surety of the same.

The 16 year old, who Court records show had another case pending for drug offences, could be given bail since no adult was in Court on his behalf.

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