Back then even the Prime Minister argued publicly that he didn’t see how a legal wrong could be proven against Penner.



“Have you revised your opinion that he did or did not commit a criminal offense? You held very firmly at the outset that no criminal offense was committed.”

Screen_Shot_2017-05-11_at_8.02.31_PMRt. Honourable Dean Oliver Barrow –Prime Minister of Belize

“No, no. What I said was that there is a huge difference between factual guilt and legal guilt. And that, in terms of the evidence necessary to in fact prove legal guilt, I didn’t think it was available. It may well be that events will prove me wrong; again we simply have to wait and see how the course of the trial develops.”

With nearly four years having passed one major factor in all of this is the statute of limitations on bringing criminal actions against any wrongdoing. That limitation is six months, which means Penner is off the hook on any kind of criminal prosecution in our laws.

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