gasAt the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, fuel prices at the pump went up for the third time since the start of the 2017 fiscal year when Prime Minister Dean Barrow made the announcement of the eighty million dollars in tax revenues that needs to be generated.

From our records, from all the products that fall under the ‘Syntax, including Cement and aerated drinks…fuel has been the one with the most change since April 2017.

The first change to fuel was seen on April 3rd when V-power experienced a hike of thirty five cents, Regular gasoline went up by thirty two cents while diesel saw an increase of ten cents and kerosene went up by three cents.

The next hike was seen a mere two weeks later on April 26th. Regular at that time saw a marked increase of forty seven cents which drove the price to past the ten dollar mark. Diesel saw increase of twenty nine cents and kerosene saw a fourteen cents increase.

And as mentioned the latest hike was seen on Wednesday at midnight when Premium gasoline climbed by forty six cents.  

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