Today Opposition Leader John Briceno expressed his views about the comments heard in the audio recording. He said there is no room in Belize for the kind of remarks he has heard.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-16_at_8.21.29_PMHonourable John Briceno - PUP Opposition Leader

“I am disappointed that in this day and age that we have people that still believe and that still have those types of views, I think it was the father of the nation who had started out saying with the PUP that all of us are one and all of us are the same in this country and I’ve said it over and over it doesn’t matter if you were born in Orange Walk or Crickette Sarco we are all the same be it if you are rich or you are poor or you are smart or intelligent or whatever race you are we are all one and that is what makes us unique in this country this diversity that we have and we need to embrace this diversity and like everybody else I think we all need to condemn these kind of inflammatory language that is being used any sort of racism or any sort of looking down at any group of people, any category of people be it religion, be it sexual orientation be it by race or by economic standards we need to condemn and we need to condemn 100% that we cannot tolerate this kind of behavior and we in the PUP condemn that.”

We have learnt that the PSU has called a meeting of its Council of Management on Friday in Belmopan.

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