With the graduation season upon us, the question of jobs availability will become a main topic around social gatherings and dinner tables. On Friday, it was a hot button issue for two parliamentarians at the National Assembly. Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Patrick Faber got defensive when Caribbean Shores’ representative Kareem Musa asked: where are the jobs.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-16_at_8.22.10_PMHonourable Kareem Musa – Area Representative Caribbean Shores

“Is that they are graduating into a life of joblessness, into a life of hopelessness, because madam speaker, I have been a member of this house for almost a year and a half and I can tell you that this government has run through hundreds of millions of dollars; 557 million for BTL, 375 million for Petro Caribe another 20 million today well actually US 30 million dollars and yes while it is noted here that some of it is for students loans, madam speaker, the reality is that while this government is patting itself shoulder 50% of those young people will not have jobs when they graduate so madam speaker this government is a paper government everything on paper looks fine and dandy and they get to go in their ivory towers and live lavish life styles but the reality on the ground is that our young people need jobs, madam speaker, they need jobs.”

Screen_Shot_2017-05-16_at_8.22.21_PMHonourable Patrick Faber – Deputy Prime Minister of Belize

“So to speak, he is going to talk about all those graduates who don’t have jobs and all of that, madam speaker, firstly, most of the graduates, and listen to this every year, the graduating class of UB is graduating and these people now don’t have any jobs, if you check who are the people who are graduating from our tertiary level institutions particularly the University of Belize you will find that the majority of any one of those UB graduating classes are teachers who already teaching, in fact that is the largest cohort coming out of the University of Belize and you will find that most of those students are receiving financial assistance already from the government of Belize. They seem to have a problem with admitting with what things are happening positively and I share in his concern and all the members on that side who have the kind of concerns to see things develop and improve but the way to see things the way to develop and improve madam speaker is not to tear down, this is what we keep on telling them, look at the whole education scenario right now, they pound and pound and pound and pound on the negative, you read their newspaper and see what all they have to say about education, you listen to their talk shows in the morning madam speaker, see what all they have to say about education none of them say anything positive about the education system the matter of the day is to run down Farber they believe Farber is to be the next Prime Minister of Belize, run down Farber and beat him down, that is their agenda and when they do that they trample on the education system because they know we have no other agenda but to fix what is wrong and to improve the education system.”

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