The Institute of Technical, Vocational Education and Training in Corozal held its annual open day this morning to highlight the creative abilities of their students. ITVETs, unlike regular schools, focus on skills training and development. We spoke to Ana Gomez, the Acting Manager at the institution who told us what the open day was all about.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_7.52.43_PMAna Gomez, Acting Manager, Corozal ITVET 

“We have different booths today, we have the ornamental horticulture, we have different plants displayed there, we have some plants there for sale, we also have the food preparation program and is being displaying different pastries that they trainees have been learning here and also we have the Cosmetology group also doing some different services also the trainees have been learning here, we also have the Carpentry booth there that have different displays that the students as well have done here, we also have the building and Grounds Maintenance program that has some stuff to be displayed there as well, want to also state also that we have CCC and Corner Stone here that have some trainees that come here either Wednesdays of Thursday.”

The institutions leaders spoke with pride about the students’ efforts. To them the work displayed at the open day is a reflection of the students’ dedication to success at the institution.

Ana Gomez, Acting Manager, Corozal ITVET 

“I am really impressed on what my students are doing because in the Ornamental Horticulture we have different plant that my trainees have planted along with the full support of the instructor and also in the food preparation you will be able to visit the different pastries that they have their which they have learnt here and I saw them personally preparing it in the kitchen and also in the Cosmetology they are performing the services and in the Carpentry they can see the final product that they have been working though out the year.”

Victor Recinos - Board Chairman

“Especially in Carpentry, Cosmetology and Building Maintenance during the year when I became Chairman I looked around at what they were doing, I saw them preparing cement and repairing some of the school compound, on the small crops I saw and I enjoyed it they gave me some of the potatoes and onions that they actually grew there at the compound which I think is one of the things they need to do in their future life, not everybody is a client to have a degree or work in an office but our country needs a lot of entrepreneurship, it needs a lot of technicians, there are a lot of engineers but they can’t do the work they need the technicians to do and I am impressed to see what the students are doing and their level of competence on the students on what they are learning and they are displaying.”

In tomorrow’s newscast, we’ll have more on the students’ work and perspective on learning at the ITVET.

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