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noimageAn Orange Walk Primary School Principal is tonight under fire after allegations of bulling are being brought against her.

Evangelina Alamilla, the mother of a twelve year old standard four student at the Solomon’s Seven Day Adventist Primary School, today contacted our news team and reported that the Principal of the School victimized her child in front of the entire student population.

Evangelina Alamilla- concerned parent

“Last week Tuesday on the 16th my son came to school in the morning, which I have the fault and I admitted right, she bullied my son because of his long hair, he told me mom I need to cut my hair and I told him yes son, I am a working mom and told him Saturday I will cut your hair, my kid came to school and they made an issue in front of the assembly she pulled Keithleen name and she said; I don’t like nobody to come to school like kiethleen’s hair, everybody turned and looked at my kid actually she made an issue he went to wash his hair at the bathroom when my son went back to his class the kids made fun of him, my son actually escape from school and went by Aaron’s shop catch the bus and went home I was getting ready to go to work so when I saw my son reach at home I told him what are you doing here he was like frightened, I don’t know if he wanted to cry and I asked him what happened to you and that is when he started crying and he said mom this is what the principal did to me embarrassed me and I feel bad and I don’t want to go back to school.”

According to Alamilla, this is not the first time that such an incident occurs, in which the Principal is being accused of treating students unfairly.

Evangelina Alamilla- concerned parent

“And this is neither the first nor the last time she is penalizing my son like that and I already got enough of this, the last time it was in the school team; he brought his ball so he can practice a while at the back field meanwhile the gates were close she confiscated his ball also and I have proof of what I am saying, I have comments on what she did but parents don’t want to talk because she will give them a bad recommendation at the end of their child’s school days and I am not the only parent passing through this but she will say anything to cover her back because many people have already talked to me about her.”

Alamilla claims to have followed all possible procedures to address the situation but her efforts have proven futile. The situation is now negatively affecting the 12 year old as he no longer wants to attend school in fear of being victimized. This is what concerns her says Alamilla.

Evangelina Alamilla- concerned parent

“I made the things right; I came to school talk to her but she say she only used my kid as an example and I told her no, no, no, that is not the way that’s bullying I made an issue went to education office and they gave me the number I called him and my credit done so I text him and I told him when can I see him he said he wasn’t in Belize that same Tuesday so I told him if I can see him on Wednesday and he said ok and I asked him what time and he said I will get to you he never did, he never did, and Mrs. Sheryl had already a letter at the education office and she had an incident with a kid also and they have done nothing about it. Justice and I live it with my kid I want justice because I got enough already like if it is favoritism I don’t know but I want somebody to do something about.”

While we made several attempts to contact the principal of the school we were unable to do so. When we visited the school this morning we were informed she was in a meeting and there after she has classes the entire day and we should check back at 3:30pm. When we did so we were informed that show was unavailable for the rest of the day.

And though we tried to contact Manager of Solomon’s SDA, Pastor Juan Montano, via calls and text our attempts were also futile. We were however able to speak to Education Officer for Orange Walk, Carla Alvarez, who told us that the matter is under investigations. Of note is that when the Alamilla family made their case public via social media, several other parents from Solomon’s also shared similar experiences allegedly suffered at the hands of the principal.

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