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Screen_Shot_2017-05-23_at_8.20.20_PMTomorrow’s Senate Select Committee hearing will be closely watched by the public. This is because, firstly as we have announced, the witness is slated to be Alvarine Burgess, the whistleblower who spilled out information about UDP politician Edmond Castro’s involvement in visa hustling from which he profited personally. Burgess and Castro have battled out the issue in Court, with Castro dropping the case against Burgess’ revelations, but Court trials are closed doors and without television cameras. The Senate hearings are prominently covered by all media houses including live coverage from us.

The second issue is the anticipated return of UDP Chairman Alberto August and Brian “Yellowman” Audinette and their gang of thugs at the Senate hearing. Last week, August, Yellowman and their gang disrupted the Senate hearing, launching insults directly at Senator Eamon Courtenay throughout almost the entire hearing, without much of a warning from the Chairman Aldo Salazar nor action by Police officials.

But the insults to the Senator was only the beginning. Yellowman launched assaults at members of media, physically attacking two members including Krem News Director Marisol Amaya and Plus TV’s cameraman Cirilo Choco. He also threatened Channel 7’s cameraman Dennis Ellis that he would throw him over the gallery.

Despite their protestations before the Chairman, after the hearing was concluded, he would not accept that he should have been stricter.

The media has responded with a letter addressed to the Chairman detailing the assaults and requesting that action be taken against Yellowman, in his prohibition from attending the Senate Select Committee proceedings. Now if the Chairman acquiesces to the request, it will be historic because Yellowman is also the Sergeant at Arms at the National Assembly, a Government employee who should be a gate-keeper of respect and proper manners at the House. Of course, by his actions last Wednesday he is guilty of just the opposite.

We will be at the Senate hearing tomorrow and you can catch the proceedings live right here on CTV-3 News.

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