Eighteen year old Jo-Elisa Clarke, a recent graduate from the Belize Adventist Junior College, has received the top prize in a regional competition held by the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organization (CANTO) to promote technology in business.

In commemoration of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day on May 17th,

CANTO called on students from all Caribbean countries to participate in their annual video competition.

Clarke seized the opportunity and was one of several participants to submit. We spoke to her today to learn how she went about preparing her submission.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-24_at_8.10.47_PMJo-Elisa Clarke

“The competition was all about submitting a three minutes video and technology and me about promoting a specific business with the use of technology and you had to show it only three minutes in the video and I learnt about it by a friend and she sent me the link and the screen shot that BTL was promoting he competition and I said why not. To get an idea or to create an idea, I laid on my bed and I thought about how I can do this video then the other day I went and ask some of my friends to come in and to help me with the video in being actors for helping me to record the video and it took a period of three days. The idea is to promote a specific video about a business and the business I choose is Celestial Waters which was at the Belize Adventist College and it is for providing healthy drinking water for the community and the finance would be going to the students for the school, the technological part of it was using technology to promote the business to get more buyers and more money in a way.”

Clarke learnt on Sunday May 22nd that she is the winner. She has won a cash prize, a tablet and an opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic to attend the 33rd Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition that focuses on cutting-edge technology to be held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Clarke expressed gratitude to those who helped her reach this milestone in her life.

Jo-Elisa Clarke

“I feel very successful at the fact that I did, well that I did submit a video and then it did end up winning so I felt that my hard work paid off and I very grateful of every single one of them that were in the video and to help me to come up with some ideas, I am super grateful and thankful for them.”

This year, the competition was under the theme “Technology and me – Exploring the Possibilities of ICT”.

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