noimageIn less than two weeks, three households here in the Orange Walk District have completely burnt down causing the families to lose all personal items. Viewers may recall that on the 20th of May the home of fifty six year old Lyncoln Pratt located in the Chips Alley of Louisiana Area was deliberately set on fire by one of his relatives.

Just five days later on the 25th an outside kitchen and bodega belonging to Ruperto Chi from the San Jose Village was also engulfed in flames.

And tonight we can tell you that another house has burnt down… this time in the village of Carmelita. Reports say that on the night of Friday May 26th, a green and white cement house with zinc roofing measuring thirty by forty feet located near the football field was completely demolished by the fire. Further reports suggest that caretaker of the home, Eustace Flowers told authorities that sometime around 11:00 that night, there was a power outage and only seconds later, the entire building was caught on fire.

Police are investigating.

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