Edmond-Castro-Belize-Rural-NorthThere is major news tonight over actions taken by the United States Government against a Cabinet Minister in the Barrow Administration. Late this evening, we received confirmation on reports that the United States Embassy had revoked the tourist visa held by Minister of National Emergency Management Edmond Castro. This confirmation came from Minister Castro himself, via a statement he issued to the media.

Usually, embattled politicians stay clear from discussing diplomatic embarrassments such as visa revocations, because the act of revocation by Uncle Sam sends strong signals of something having gone wrong. But in this case, Castro goes public about it and claims that he does not know why the United States would take such move against him. Castro also mentions that he had been a U.S. greencard holder, but that he turned that in eight years ago. Castro adds that he hasn’t travelled to the U.S. over the last three years and says in his statement that he had no interest to travel there any time soon.

Castro was invited by the U.S. Embassy to discuss his visa status, but he said, he declined the request and chose not to go.

If you’ve been following Castro’s political career, while he has had success at the polls as a three-time area representative, in public life he has consistently faced scandals in office. From allegations of land scams, visa hustling, abuse of public funds while being in charge of Aviation, nepotism while being in charge of the Port Authority, and even using the insulting R word against a media reporter and having to apologize for it. None of these might be the reasons for the United States Government’s decision but then again, considering the well-publicised Castro chronicles they could very well be.

Castro says in his statement that he will not be distracted by the visa revocation and will focus on serving the people of Belize Rural North.

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