noimageIn early April the Corozal Police Department suffered a black eye when two of its officers were seen speeding away in a newly donated Police vehicle, with Customs officers in hot pursuit. Customs officials claimed the cops were trafficking contraband items which had not declared at the customs check point at the Northern Border.

In the Police vehicle were driver Police Constable Elston Rojas and Police Corporal Abner Marroquin who was also the vehicle commander. They were both charged and placed on interdiction from duty. Reports to our newsroom is that Rojas has been cleared from the charges. This leaves Marroquin with the heavy end of the stick and the only officer facing disciplinary charges for the stunt.

As for Rojas, this is not the first time he had been involved in some controversy as a cop, since he had previously faced charges in connection to a robbery that occurred at the Free Zone. However, we note that he had also been acquitted from those charges.

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