Screen_Shot_2017-06-08_at_7.50.58_PMThe Belize Institute of Archeology is currently investigating yet another case of looting of a local heritage site here in the north of Belize. In a statement issued by the department “Looting and destruction of our cultural heritage is still a very present threat in Belize. We are currently following such a situation in Louisville, Corozal, where a site of the same name is being destroyed.”

According to the release further states quote “the destruction is for the removal of cut limestone blocks from the structures for resale to people in the area. The vandals are known to go around stealing black soil as well as limestone blocks from other areas in this region. As a result, (as seen in the pictures), a large mound was destroyed, including one that had a red plastered wall. Every time our institution makes a visit the destruction has grown.” End quote

The release goes on to issue warnings to in the Louisville, San Narciso and San Roman areas, to be wary of who you are buying black soil and limestone from.

Persons with information about the looters responsible for this latest act of vandalism on our natural and cultural heritage are asked to kindly contact the Institute of Archaeology at 822-2106 or the nearest police station.

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