While only the Police internal investigation will say what the outcome for the officers involved will be, action against the residents who threw rocks, bottles and even mangoes at the Police officers to get them out of the village could come quicker. Arnold explained that if any Police Officer is able to identify any of the missile-throwers, he or she will be charged. Arnold did admit that there were over 100 persons on the assault that night, so perhaps identifying the individuals will be a bit difficult to make out.

Screen_Shot_2017-06-13_at_8.28.00_PMSuperintendent Dennis Arnold – Commanding Corozal Branch Office

“Somewhere I guess it was after six when night was coming in the Scenes of Crime officers went out there along with other officers because the crowd was all riled up as soon as dark set they start stoning the officers and they had to take cover, they leave everything there, they leaved the Scenes of Crime kit, they took that I don’t know where it is right now, they had injured several officers they stoned them with stone, bottle, mangoes, bricks you name it in that incident we had like five officers got injured and I would just like to explain that if officers can identify any of these people who was stoning them I was made to understand it was about one hundred and fifty villagers out there, if the officers can identify any of them who was stoning then I guess that they will be picked up and charge for the harm, for the theft, for the behavior, disorderly conduct.  They were stoned heavily and they had to do something to get out from arms way.”


“Were any of the police vehicle damaged?”

Superintendent Dennis Arnold – Commanding Corozal Branch Office

“Certainly, they had dent and one of the back glass was broken down, the officers who were in the vehicle got injured.”

The names of the four Police Officers involved have not been released. We understand that contrary to reports, the DPP is yet to receive the file.

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