San Andres PUP Chairman Glenford “Choco” Melvin is no stranger to our newscast, as he is one of the most media savvy community leaders in the north. Several weeks ago, before the budget debate, Choco called on area representative Hugo Patt to allot funds to fix the San Andres Road junction with the road to the Corozal Community College. It’s a section of the road that has been crumbling apart and therefore, breaking vehicles and even causing accidents according to Chairman Choco.

Screen_Shot_2017-06-13_at_8.30.13_PMGlenford “Choco” Melvin - Chairman, San Andres Village

“Most of the pothole is getting deeper and now is getting worst now for the owner of the vehicle and most of the time the drivers totally leave the middle of the road and go to the side which could cause a danger with the children coming to school with their bike of villagers that are riding their bike so the road has gotten dangerous, two weeks ago someone got knock down with a motorcycle and a villager riding their bike but thanks to the good lord that nothing happened to them. Two weeks ago there was a fire ahead of our village at Xaibe and the fire engine truck coming but when it reached at San Andres at this point the fire truck slowed down and so it got too late to reach to out the fire and so the villagers blamed the fire department that they reached too late but it is when they passed this road there is too much potholes and drivers all over the place that pass through this place can testify how bad this road is getting, on my left hand we had the papaya industry and we have the high school CCC/CJC with a lot of people travelling to go to the college and the road is getting worst and I am calling one time on our minister of the area Mr. Hugo Patt, every day you pass on this road and you can see that the road is getting worst every day.”

But the Chairman is doing more than just complaining. Today he announced that he and the Village Council will be seeking financial support to repair the potholes themselves.

Glenford “Choco” Melvin - Chairman, San Andres Village

“We will stand up with our council and I will call out on my council, the people of San Andres, owners of all vehicles that pass through this road we are calling on them for a little slight donation of material, we need gravel, sand and cement and we the villager will do the labor so we will go out and start to knock some doors, we already visited some business places to get a little sack of cement, some gravel, some sand and we will start to fix the road on our own since the government and the minister of our area Mr. Hugo Patt don’t want to fix the road we will not fix it for no political colors we will fix it for the benefit of our community and to all vehicle owner so minister if you want to throw in some little material sand gravel and cement you are welcome and we will receive it through the village council and come and join us fix this highway man this is not PUP or UDP this is the government street so we will make our effort now if I have to be four or five times to shake up Mr. Hugo Patt on this road since he don’t want to assist us we will get the little help from the business place, friends and all vehicle owner and we will fix the road free of cost with the villagers so once more I want to thank all those persons who has already compromised with us for some cement, sand and gravel and we will start to fix this road as soon as possible so whenever they see us fixing the road and they want to give any donation to buy more cement because you see this land stretch we will try to patch the most important deep potholes it will cost us but we will get help from the business although the government deny to help San Andres people so Hugo Patt if you have a little donation you can give the material we don’t’ want any money we will come together with the villagers and we will fix the road so I am calling on all the villagers don’t make politics separate us this is our road, our children us this road we don’t want another accident happen to kill someone because I will blame the government and the minister of the area.”

If you would like to support the Chairman, you could contact him at 663-7230.

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