But the first witness in today’s session was Ady Pacheco, the former assistant to Officer in Charge in the Nationality section of the Immigration Department. Pacheco’s appearance before the Senate Committee which was slated months ago, had been postponed due to a reported difficult pregnancy. Today when she finally appeared, she asked for another delay, since her attorney could not be present.

Screen_Shot_2017-06-14_at_8.11.06_PMAddy Pacheco - Former Asst to OIC Nationality Section

“At this point I am willing and will cooperate fully and answer all your questions but I will do so with his presence if that is ok with you, that’s basically it I will answer all questions with my lawyer being present and if we could reschedule for next week Wednesday we both will be here.”

Pacheco was given permission by the Chairman to excuse herself, on the condition that she returns next week. When she does, she will have many issues to address, including her involvement in the Elvin Penner/ Won Hong Kim scandal among other fiascos.

Pacheco was the officer at the Nationality section who received the Kim Won Hong file brought into the Department by then Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration Elvin Penner. In the Auditor General’s report, she is recorded as stating that the file was incomplete as it did not contain the required Police record. Pacheco said she checked with her supervisor who agreed to accept the incomplete file, on the condition that Penner returns with the Police record, which never did happen.

Still, Won Hong Kim received Belizean nationality certificate #28577/13 which was dated April 22nd 2013 and signed by Minister Elvin Penner himself. This paved the way for the South Korean national who never stepped foot in Belize to then fast-track his passport application, again with Minister Penner’s aid.

Miss Pacheco’s name also appears in relation to other questionable affairs in the visa and passport sections of Immigration.

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