Screen_Shot_2017-06-14_at_6.36.16_PMResidents living in Belize City experienced minor tremors in the wee hours of this morning due to an earthquake which struck around 97 miles west of Guatemala City in the San Marcos district, near the border with Mexico. Reports coming from the US Geological Survey indicates that the earthquake measured a magnitude of 6.9 and occurred sometime after 1:00 a.m.

The earthquake was preceded by a series of significantly smaller quakes which reportedly hit the Pacific coast of Chiapas, followed by an aftershock approximately 20 minutes later. There were reports of landslides, power outages, and damages to homes across both countries.

Further reports from ‘Channel News Asia’ indicated that a Catholic church collapsed in the southwestern Guatemalan village of San Sebastian claiming the life of a twenty year old male while a woman reportedly died as a result of a heart attack near the border of Mexico. Among more than a dozen people who were injured altogether, was a female minor who was injured by a sheet of metal roofing which reportedly slid off a building in San Marcos.

Guatemala is prone to earthquakes due to the fact that it is located where two of the earth’s tectonic plates meet. We understand that educational facilities found in the affected areas were closed down for the day for the conduction of building inspections.

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