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  • Belizean Farmer Charged For Sexual Assault

    Friday, 17 January 2020 02:27
  • How Will Fraud Scandal Affect UDP Leadership Race?

    Friday, 17 January 2020 02:33
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    Friday, 17 January 2020 03:06

PUP Leader Hon. John Briceno also took the time to respond to a number of issues that have been on the front burner lately, commencing with the swift release of the Castro brothers after they were detained for traffic violations and for assaulting a police officer in Belize City. Briceno said that the actions of the Police when it comes to wrong doing by UDP Ministers or their families and close friends continue to show that there are two versions of laws in Belize.

Screen_Shot_2017-06-27_at_8.26.08_PMHonourable John Briceno – Leader of the People’s United Party

“One of the many problems that we are facing is that people believe that there is almost like a two types of justice in this country; one for the UDP ministers families and their cronies and one for the rest of us, look at the recent developments; we have the Castro brothers a little about a week ago one day they were stopped by the police and they were cursing the police and aggressing the police pretty much telling the police you can’t do me anything because I am minister’s Castro son and the following day they were caught with contraband  of about 89 cases of Mexican beer and again they believe that they are above the law; their vehicle has no license plate and the other day no other than the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams goes in front of the television and pretty much takes his two officers and throw them under the bus, instead of him saying that they are going to charge the Castro brothers because of their unruly behavior he goes after his own, what’s going on here, but this has been a pattern from the UDP if you remember a few months ago it was the son of minister Godwin Hulse remember he took out a gun and pistol whipped a customer in his store and it took months before he was going to be charged the new have Pastor Louise who was shooting or recording videos on some of the wrong doing of minister Montero his son comes and drives into a vehicle comes out and aggress him just to have several months later for the police to come and arrest Pastor Louise saying that Pastor Louise was attacking young Montero and that Pastor Louise was cursing young Montero when we know Pastor Louise doesn’t even curse much less that he is going to be attacking somebody this has been a pattern with the UDP look at yellow man, look at the way he behaved, the disgraceful behavior in the house during the Senate hearing he even attacked a lady journalist and in public it was on TV and the Prime minister will go on television and will say well yellow man is a good UDP so he is not going to fire him the National Assembly doesn’t belong to the Prime Minister and to the UDP, the Prime Minister has allowed his ministers and his cronies and family members of the UDP to be able to behave lawless as if they are above the law and I want to make it very clear under a PUP government nobody is going to be above the law, everybody is going to be treated equally and fairly and that is a promise that I’m making here today to the Belizean people.”

The Opposition Leader added that he is not surprised by the response given by the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie on the issue. He accused the ComPol of copping out on his responsibilities to the citizens of Belize and opined that Whylie should no longer serve as the top cop.

Honourable John Briceno – Leader of the People’s United Party

“We need to remind the Belizean people that Commissioner Whiley was he one that refused to hand over the pedophile even after the Chief Justice of Belize of the Supreme Court took out an order mandating, instructing the commission of Police to hand over that file and he refused to because he was protecting former Minister Penner and the Prime Minister knew this and he as a lawyer should know better than this but the Prime Minister put a blind eye to it, he looked the other way and refuse to do anything, we have seen that the Commissioner is incompetent we have seen that he has been unable to be able to organize the police department and to be able to address the issue and to get the confidence of the Belizean people, I really believe it is time for him to retire and we in the PUP once we get into government we have to find ways where we could strengthened the police department and give them more independence to take them away more from the political directorate so that they can do their job without favor or fear to no one.”

Another matter which the Opposition has been monitoring is the Senate hearings and the evidence provided by witness statements. Briceno said there is already enough for the Police to act on against Ministers and their cronies who have prostituted the Immigration department, and if it doesn’t happen now under a UDP Government, the Opposition is prepared to take action.

Honourable John Briceno – Leader of the People’s United Party

“We are following it very, very closely, what we are finding out whilst it is not surprising sometimes it is shocking to realize the level of corruption you know it stinks to high heaven what we finding out where you have public officer after public officer basically pointing out you know what we are intimidated by these ministers just this week we heard the young lady when she was saying yes were intimidated by these ministers, these minister have shook us whilst they try to do their best to protect the minister but at the end of the day they had to admit that it is the truth all of this is happening because of the political directorate, their interference and we know that there is major hustling, hustling in the millions of dollars and something has to be done we are monitoring very carefully, our lawyers are keeping track of everything and if the government refuses or the DPP refused to do anything we are considering taking out a citizens court action against some of these minister of government.”

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