One final matter brought up in the Boots interview is the allegation that Edmond Castro is not the only UDP Minister who has had his U.S. visa revoked. There have actually been reports that Boots has had his travel visa cancelled, but today he claimed that not only does he maintain his diplomatic visa, but that the U.S. has invited him to apply for residency.

Screen_Shot_2017-06-28_at_8.02.41_PMAnthony “Boots” Martinez, Minister of Human Development

“I have a paper right here where the Embassy is inviting me to full out for my Green Card and I am not even certain if I want a Green Card but I’m saying right in my bag I have the application right here sir and so I’m not a person excited over America, at the time when I filed for myself, my mother file for me but for my daughter so the paper has come now and it’s up to me to take it in so it’s not a here nor there so the United States is inviting me to not only have a VISA but to go live over there.”

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