As we mentioned earlier in the newscast, Immigration officer Ady Pacheco was back before the Senate Committee today, for a third interrogation session. In the seven months of Senate hearings, no other person has made as many appearances, and there is a reason she has. Her name shows up in the report dozens of times for accepting, processing and recommending visa, nationality and passport applications which the Auditor General says should never have been processed, and today she was heavily criticized for her work at the Immigration Department.

Screen_Shot_2017-06-28_at_8.03.18_PMSenator Eamon Courtenay - Member, Special Senate Select Committee

“I’m trying to understand what exactly it is when you mean or when you say accepting things at face value?”

Addy Pacheco – Immigration Officer

“What I meant was and I told the other Senators last week we compared whatever copies were brought in to whatever originals were presented to us.”

Senator Eamon Courtenay - Member, Special Senate Select Committee

“And no independent verification…”

Addy Pacheco – Immigration Officer


Senator Aldo Salazar - Chairman, Special Senate Select Committee

“When you were there did the Department had any training or any sort of intervention with front line staff to tell them what to do or look for what all the requirements are what must accompany say in this case there is a marriage certificate if a child is involved birth certificate, proper translation if no birth certificate you would need a declaration, was there a check list?”

Addy Pacheco – Immigration Officer

“Basically what was being told to us, well to me when I went to work there you know you look for these documents on this applications through marriage but there was no check list at the time, there was nothing given to us well follow this and there was no training given neither and I don’t think we received any training while we were working in that section.”

Senator Aldo Salazar - Chairman, Special Senate Select Committee

“You’re the one who is accepting the nationality which apparently was fraudulent now your answer to me on the last occasion was that you accepted it as face value but my question is why would you not have checked the nationality, a simple check of the nationality register would revealed if it was fraudulent, whey when you were accepting documents why did you not go back and reference that nationality certificate to verify if it was legally issued?”

Addy Pacheco – Immigration Officer

“Because that was not the practise at the time, nothing was verified at the time.”

Senator Aldo Salazar - Chairman, Special Senate Select Committee

“I understand you it wasn’t part of the procedure to do so but for your own due diligence you didn’t see it necessary to do that?”

Screen_Shot_2017-06-28_at_8.02.57_PMAddy Pacheco – Immigration Officer

“At the time no sir…”

The Committee had more questions for Pacheco, even after eight hours of interrogation but due to time they agreed to invite her back if necessary. We will have more on Pacheco’s testimony in tomorrow’s newscast.

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