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  • Taiwanese National Injured During Traffic Mishap

    Wednesday, 17 January 2018 02:26
  • The Wanted Fugitive, Dr. Errol Elrington Still At Large

    Wednesday, 17 January 2018 02:29
  • Prime Minister On Medical Check Up Leave

    Wednesday, 17 January 2018 02:33

Screen_Shot_2017-07-05_at_8.00.12_PMAs mentioned earlier in the newscast, UDP ministers Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez and Edmond Castro appeared before the Senate Select Committee today. The behavior of both these Ministers of Parliament during today’s exercise has since been brought to question, as Belizeans are accusing them of being disrespectful and rude while giving testimony.

Just before news time, the People’s United party also issued a release condemning the ‘contemptuous and disrespectful’ behavior displayed by both Ministers, stating quote “Their behavior showed a complete lack of respect for the Senate and for the office which they hold.  Both ministers refused to answer most of the questions put to them by members of the Committee, becoming progressively contentious and hostile when faced with queries about their roles in the rampant corruption in Immigration. They were also deliberately dishonest, repeatedly claiming that they were not aware of any culture of corruption in the Immigration Department.”  End quote

The release adds “As Belizeans we are ashamed at the knowledge that what occurred in the Senate today will surely be broadcast regionally. Our regional and foreign partners will observe this shameful display from those who are, regrettably, in leadership roles in this country.”

In ending the PUP goes on to call on Prime Minister Dean Barrow to sanction both Ministers, adding however that these Ministers are monsters of the PM’s own making, and he has demonstrated that he condones and defends such behavior from his Ministers.

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