A five-day technical training for coaches in the sport of sailing got underway yesterday in Corozal Town, under the auspices Belize Sailing Association. The seminar is being conducted by an international instructor who seeks to provide the theoretical and technical tools and knowledge to sailing coaches in order for them to improve the skills of their respective sailing club members. We spoke to Chairperson of the Belize Sailing Association, Sharon Hardwick, to find out more.

Screen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_8.12.56_PMSharon Hardwick, Chairperson, Belize Sailing Association

“It’s a technical training for coaches level one, this is something that the Association need in order for us to be able to promote healthy programs which is sailing throughout the country, the knowledge is important, the technique is important in sailing if we are going to be training kids that comes to each club.  Yesterday we started off with classroom setting, some introductory and a lot of stuff that we would take for granted and then we went out in the waters yesterday, we have quite a number of new people to sailing and so that is what he was focusing on that a bit, so whatever we learn here we can take back to the respective clubs.”

Eduardo Silvestre, World Sailing’s Regional Development Coordinator for Central and South America

“We at World Sailing we have the idea of developing all countries towards sailing so we are going to develop sailing in every single country because sailing is a great way for kids to get out in the open; start working, exercising, working their minds towards something good, sailing has everything to do with statics, with mathematics, with decision making and helps a great amount for a school kid also what we are doing here this is the first TCC1, which is the Technical Course for Coaches that we were trying to work for the past two years and finally because of the inputs of Sharon together with the Olympic Committee we would be able to put this together and bring it today we have about twenty coaches which is great for the country.”

We also got feedback from several participants who shared the impact which the training will have.

Linda Garcia - Member, Placencia Sailing Club

“For sure making me improving me on my knowledge on the water about sailing and it make you have more confidence in the water and it teaches you a lot more skills about sailing on  a whole.”


“What made you become interested in sailing?”

Linda Garcia - Member, Placencia Sailing Club

“Well, most of my work is on the water and I love the water a lot and so whatever knowledge I can gain about the water in sailing case of any emergency or whatever the case maybe that we are stranded on the water that whatever I’ve learned that can be add to helping whatever it might be the case of being on the water.”

Rosanda Benavide - Member, Belize Sailing Association

“I’m really grateful for the knowledge and experience its once in a lifetime and am very privileged to be here amongst all these people and am into all water activities and so that is what made me be a part of it.”

Roberto Pott - Belize Sea Scouts/Belize Sailing Association

“It’s provided the tools so that you can be more structured in your training and providing a skill and knowledge that you can apply around the world so there is not only an opportunity for you here in Belize, because I also work in Marine Conservation and my sailing experience was a definite asset when I went into Marine Reserves and working with national parks so this is sometimes can be considered a skill training opportunity and that’s what we want for Sea Scouts and it’s also because we’ve had some of our Scouts wanting to compete while our priority is for them to learn to sail and then use the marine resource as an area to have fun and because we have such a wealth of marine resources and we should utilize it if there is a career opportunity we would like to support you, if there is a competitive opportunity the we encourage you to pursue that.”

According to the World Sailing international instructor, the Sailing community in Belize has great potential and he foresees that with proper support, Belize could be preparing athletes for the Olympics in the near future.

Eduardo Silvestre - World Sailing’s Regional Development Coordinator for Central and South America

“If we do have the approval and the help from the National Olympic Committee huge things can happen because they are the link, because a lot of the money comes from the IOC which is international and from the solidarity and that is linked with the Olympic Committee, if they help her out I can guarantee that in less than three years you are going to have a beautiful sailing activity in this country and I can tell you that if you keep it in the right way maybe in ten years you going to have a representative in the Olympics, it might be maybe the Olympics for Belize and sailing is here you have wind, you have water, you have great people trying to learn that’s what we want.”

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