In December, the Government of Belize through BAHA and in partnership with OIRSA unveiled a brand new spraying facility at the Northern Border for the purpose of sanitizing foreign vehicles entering Belize. But shortly after opening, the authorities began spraying and charging Belizeans and that created some confusion and frustration. Yesterday we sought some clarification and according to CEO Jose Alpuche there is good reason behind the decision.

joseJose Alpuche - CEO, Ministry of Agriculture

“It is if you’re out for a period of time that you are required to spray, so it is not everybody coming in, you go to Chetumal you get sprayed going out by OIRSA coming in you’ll be sprayed by OIRSA only if you’ve spent a required amount of time where in effect your initial spray was not , is no longer effective or from people coming in from the states or elsewhere with cargo then indeed they have to be sprayed.”

On Saturday we noted that the facility, although open, was non-functional which means that BAHA wouldn’t be collecting much needed revenue for the Government of Belize. We also asked the CEO why that was the case.

Jose Alpuche - CEO, Ministry of Agriculture

“It is being administered by OIRSA its not actually BAHA that administers it but I will have to check with them to see what the record is in terms of their treatment, I know they had some concerns about the sorting of traffic I will have to ask them what’s the current status right now.”

We also noted the deteriorated infrastructural condition around the facility after a multi-million dollar contracted was awarded out by the Government for the construction of roads. We hope to have more information on who the responsible contractors are.

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