Police Commissioner Allen Whylie was also in the hot seat for his Department’s refusal to investigate the criminal aspects of the Elvin Penner/Won Hong Kim scandal. Penner facilitated, with the aid of immigration officials, fraudulent Belizean nationality and passport for Won Hong Kim, a South Korean national in jail in Taiwan. Because the Police Department was seemingly uninterested in a criminal investigation, in February 2014 the Opposition successfully applied to the Supreme Court for an order to compel Commissioner Whylie to investigate. But the order didn’t seem to have the effect of aggressive Police work into the wrongdoing, and today the Senate tried to find out why.

Senator Mark Lizarraga - Interim-Chairman, Senate Select Committee

“Commissioner we want to speak to you about you ignoring the Mandamus of the Court to provide the files on the Wong Hong Kim matter?”

Screen_Shot_2017-07-19_at_6.53.04_PMAllen Whylie - Commissioner of Police

“No sir, I have never ignored any court order, that’s not true.”

Senator Mark Lizarraga - Interim-Chairman, Senate Select Committee

“Ok, I’d like to read a quote that was in the local Press and it says here quoting form Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin saying that the Commissioner lack of action in the Immigration matter was unreasonable, irrational and unlawful, are you familiar with that quote from the Chief Justice?”

Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police

“Yes, but we also remember that the Solicitor General gave notice that he will appeal that order but notwithstanding the order was obeyed and the matter was investigated I’ve said that publicly.”

According to Commissioner Whylie, the Court was misled to believe that his Department had not acted.

Senator Mark Lizarraga - Interim-Chairman, Senate Select Committee

“In your view you did not do anything unreasonable, irrational or unlawful?”

Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police

“Of course not, I mean I sat in court and I listened on what was presented in the Court and the document used, a document that was written by the DPP and that document had nothing to do with the Wong Hong Kim matter, which was with the writ of mandamus I believe that had to do with the missing files, that memorandum had to do with the missing files, it didn’t had to do with the Wong Hong Kim issue none at all, and so that I believe was a misrepresentation to the Chief Justice, I am no lawyer, I accepted what the Chief Justice said and I directed the investigation be done and it was done but that didn’t stopped me from believing that I did nothing wrong and up to now I believe I didn’t do nothing wrong and as I said I look forward to this matter that the Sol Gen said he will appeal  eventually goes on appeal and we see where we go from there but I am satisfies that I did nothing wrong all the public pronouncement I made at the time when I was ever interviewed by the Press was that it is not that the police would not investigate but I felt that since there was the Auditor General doing an investigation…”

We will have much more on today’s testimonies in tomorrow’s newscast.

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