There has been no explanation by authorities of the discovery of over a hundred old BDF uniforms and old outboard engines and parts at a private home on Baeza’s Alley here in Orange Walk. The discovery was made when a joint BDF and Mexican military patrol found a Mexican national with an unknown quantity of uniforms. He was detained and led the authorities to the home in Orange Walk belonging to Sarco Torres. But the Mexican national and Torres, while held for questioning, were eventually released. That was when video of suspicious text messages suggesting that there is an inner ring supplying the BDF clothing to Mexican interests surfaced. No one at the Ministry of Finance had addressed the matter, even though they are the ones who handle BDF clothing once it is considered unusable. Since the Prime Minister is also Minister of Finance, he was asked to address the matter today as he returned to the country from a recently-taken personal leave.

Screen_Shot_2017-07-25_at_8.05.38_PMRt. Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize


“No man, no they didn’t not just end up in that gentleman’s position; Mr. Codd who is the ministry of finance official, who was responsible for the destruction of the uniforms contracted the services of the gentleman in whose possession so many of the uniforms were found, clearly the ministry of finance’s official did not oversee the destruction in a way that we would have liked, in a way that it ought to have been done and in the end the gentleman who was contracted to do the actual destruction, the actual burning ended up not destroying everything and keeping an amount of the uniforms for himself. Clearly the police in particular must investigate the entirety of this matter and at the end of that investigation perhaps things will become clearer, but for now while I am concern at the prospect not the certainty at the prospect that that speculation that you just advance might turn out to be more than speculation, for the moment until a proper investigation can be carried out we have to leave it at that.”

The uniforms were discovered more than two weeks ago, therefore if a police investigation has not commenced or concluded by now, then the authorities are clearly dragging their feet.

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