Screen_shot_2011-09-19_at_9.39.46_PMToday approximately 20 workers of Triple B Equipment Limited, the company that was awarded the contract to build the road from Calcutta to Xaibe to Patchakan and from Xaibe to San Roque, were up in arms because according to them they had not gotten paid. When we arrived at the company’s compound this afternoon located in the village of Xaibe we found some of the workers waiting patiently to speak to the company’s General Manager Estefan Ramclam. But Ramclam never arrived, at least while we were there.

According to the men they were to receive their two weeks pay on Friday September 16th but when Friday came they were notified that their payment would be late again.

Elvin Conorquie- Worker

“From Friday we suppose to get pay and when he went to his apartment where he stays in town and he tell his sectary that we have to wait until next week and maybe next week because the teller that is in the bank is on vacation right now so when the teller comes back then we are going to get pay, but then they think we are fools because not only one teller is in the bank, it is three or four teller and anyone can tend to, if you go to deposit, withdraw or cash a cheque anyone you can go to. I am here two months and one week right now, the first time it happen they gave us $150.00 but that wasn’t really bad, the second time when we went to collect they gave us a cheque but when did they gave us the cheque minutes to four thirty and bank close four thirty and there cheque is not recognized in Corozal because they done know the people to be hard pay people and they are afraid they cash it and bounce for them so now this make it the third time. The boss is somebody who you can’t talk to him he walks straight through into his office and you to your business.”

Most of the men have been working with the company for the past two months. In order to receive their payment they even sought assistance from the Corozal Labor Department but according to Elvin Conorquie that assistance never materialized.

Elvin Conorquie- Worker

“I want my money because from Friday I have my family home and they need to eat and things and I mean at least when I went to talk to the boss at his house at least he could have given me fifty dollars to help myself and could mange for the weekend and till today they could have given my balance of the money but nothing all. Every two week we get paid and we have a salary and the next problem with this company we know we suppose to work at seven o’clock.”

But unlike other workers Conorquie is today without a job because when he demanded his two weeks’ pay from Estefan Ramclam, he was fired.

“I went and asked the boss at his house for some money for me to go home with my family but he told me not to worry about anything Saturday I will get my money sure thing and after that we done, me and you done. And up to today I still haven’t gotten my Money but Saturday evening I saw him out of town and I asked him about it and he said he hasn’t gotten any money yet but then Sunday night they had bottle lined on the veranda drinking and people are home in need of their money to buy food an thing to eat.”

CTV3 News understands that the men received their payment at around 4:30 this afternoon.

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