TownhallSeveral days ago, you heard the hosts of the Sugar City Morning Show complaining that the UDP was slow in getting their acts together for the municipal elections slated for March 7 next year, in particular here in Orange Walk Town where the UDP seems to be having an extra hard time putting a team together.

In Corozal Town, while the PUP town council slate has been set since mid-June, the UDP have decided to hold their convention on August 20th. With the current four-term Mayor Hilberto Campos deciding not to seek re-election, it means the race is now on for a new candidate. For some time only traffic department manager, Richard Quan, had expressed interest and was almost declared the Mayoral candidate, but at the close of their application deadline two weeks ago, current Councillor Rafael Shafrir Castillo, submitted his application for the post which now means they will be heading into a contested convention.

Our reports are that while Quan enjoys the support of outgoing Mayor Hilberto Campos, Castillo enjoys the support of current Corozal Bay area representative Pablo Marin. And there are also more prominent UDP leaders getting involved in the campaign. We understand that Patrick Faber is backing Castillo, while leaders close to former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega seem to be behind Quan.

Additionally, eleven individuals applied to become Councillor Candidates, but only six will be chosen through the convention.

We understand that current Deputy Mayor Raul Gomez will also not seek re-election.

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