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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Yesterday in our newscast you heard Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley make two significant announcements about his political career. The first is that his career as Mayor is winding down as he will not be contesting the next Municipal elections next March. The second is that he is endorsing his former Deputy, Dion Leslie, for Mayor. While Leslie has celebrated the announcement, his colleague and challenger, Phillip Willoughby, has had to watch a crucial endorsement slip out of his fingers. Today the media met him volunteering at a park development project and he discussed how the Mayor’s lack of support will affect his ambitions.

Screen_Shot_2017-08-02_at_7.53.56_PMPhillip Willoughby - UDP Mayoral Candidate aspirant

“I haven’t heard of it, it was shared to me by some of my colleagues, friends and hearing it doesn’t faze my campaign as such I believe to the saying I have done an excellent job in relation to the responsibilities I had coming to City Hall from 2006, you can check my report card, you can check my commitment and dedication to the City that speaks volume for itself, I am still on the ground on the communicates working with programs and projects that will benefit these challenge communities, these challenge youths as well as program and project that benefits the city on a whole as well as giving that touch to individuals.  Look at whatever challenges that faced the council in the past, who was the face of that individual who faced those challenges, it was me, who was out there dealing with the public and managing a disaster like hurricane Earl before, during and after, who did you see so judge me based on the report card that is before you not based on a single individual or person or whatever coming to say this is the individual you should support or vote for, you vote your mind based on the work that you have seen myself done and accomplished, look at the report card, look at the commitment, look at the dedication nobody can’t stack up against that.”

There are reports that Leslie has already secured the support of Albert Division area rep Tracey Taeger Paoton and Councillor Alifa Elrington, who is the daughter of the Pickstock area rep Sedi Elrington. But Willoughby says he is reaching out to the base with hopes that they judge him on the work he has put in at City Hall.

Phillip Willoughby - UDP Mayoral Candidate aspirant

“Well, schedule today I have a meeting with the Honorable Tracey Panton and her committee, I will meet then with the Pickstock committee thereafter I meet with the Collet committee so I am doing the ground work where the base is where the campaign needs to be done, am also banking on the household name I have attained or garnered over the past years, the Mayor has every right to choose a candidate that he feels he wants to support and fine am at peace with that and…”


“Where have you faltered though in getting his instrumental support?”

Phillip Willoughby - UDP Mayoral Candidate aspirant

“I believe that’s a question for the Mayor to say whether or not he supports remember at the time when Zenaida Moya was Mayor I was Deputy Mayor that was when City Hall was at its lowest and I held this ship together, when there was nothing I held this shit together, I held this together during the PUP administration remember when we first got here it was a PUP administration that was there and I held it together, I held it together even after, remember when Zenaida was out for that previous moment and so forth I held it together so there is no questioning my credentials.”

The UDP will hold their convention to elect a Mayor and ten Councillors on August 26th.

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